Welcome to Central Coast Powder Coating

Wheel rim by Central Coast Powder CoatingCentral Coast Powder Coating is conveniently located in San Luis Obispo, California. With our experienced crew and state of the art equipment we can handle a wide variety of projects from 10 feet on down.  This includes just about anything that is metal – railings and gates, bicycle and car frames, truck or automotive suspension parts, outdoor and lawn furniture, etc.  All of these items can be powder coated with our large variety of textures and colors.

We sandblast everything and also offer sandblast-only services as a convenient option.

The powder coating is great system to add a finish or to refinish metal products. Rather than using solvents or paints, powder coating uses a special powder  that is electrostatically applied to the product then is heat cured. This extremely durable finish is virtually VOC-free*.

Give us a call at 805.541.0404 or drop by to see our wide selection of colors. We are located in San Luis Obispo at 3641 Sacramento Dr. #6.

*VOC stands for volatile organic compound and are solvents that are released into the air as certain substances dry.